Estate Landscapes in northern Europe

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Estate Landscapes in northern Europe

Edited by Jonathan Finch, Kristine Dyrmann and Mikael Frausing

Many of us drive through landscapes defined by hospitals, almshouses and milestones that once belonged to an estate, or we may even live in a house built by a landlord for the manor workers, but we rarely think of how the landscape is linked to past and present developments in European society, nor of how the landscape has historically been an arena for social change.

The book Estate Landscapes in northern Europe shows how different, but yet shared, the stories of the European estate landscape are.

The volume contains contributions from six different countries and is the first book by the European Network for Country House and Estate Research (ENCOUNTER). Researchers from The Danish Centre for Manor House Research have edited the book in collaboration with the University of York.



Jonathan Finch and Kristine Dyrmann: “Estate Landscapes in Northern Europe: an introduction”

Mikkel Venborg Pedersen: “Power, Grace and Authority: The Cultural Landscape of Danish Estates c. 1600-2000″

Jonathan Finch: “Making Modern England: The ‘New Domesday’ and Estate Landscapes during the Late-Nineteenth Century”

Göran Ulväng: “The Swedish Manor 1750-1950 – Decline or Continuity?”

Carsten Porskrog Rasmussen: “The ‘Dukeries’ around Sonderborg: An early modern manorial landscape between Scandinavia and Germany”

Daniel Menning: “Nobility, Peasantry and Estates in southwestern Germany,
from the eighteenth to the twentieth century”

Yme Kuiper: “Country Houses and Estates in Dutch urban and rural history 1600-1900”

Arne Bugge Amundsen: “Reformation, Manors and Nobility in Norway 1500-1821”

Jonathan Finch: “Estate Landscapes in Northern Europe: a new agenda”