Mission, vision and values


Gammel Estrup – The Danish Manor & Estate Museum is Denmark’s leading manor house and estate museum. The museum is state-approved and undertakes both conservation and development of the manor Gammel Estrup and research into, and communication of, the history of Danish manors in general.

The museum involves itself with all aspects of manors, including architecture, landscape, culture, history, agriculture and economy, in both a national and an international perspective and is a living museum with a wide range of activities and events.

Gammel Estrup has a staff of committed employees and loyal colleagues, who work together on this relevant and meaningful project for the benefit of the public.


Gammel Estrup – The Danish Manor & Estate Museum aims for national recognition as a quality museum with a research department of high repute – an institution that transforms and realises information and knowledge about manorial culture, architecture and history for the benefit of society.

Gammel Estrup aims to be known for three values: quality, passion and creativity. These values are expressed and displayed in the high professional quality of research, research-based communication and cohesion in everything in which the museum is involved.

The public will be met with passion, dialogue and involvement – we will promote professional and personal enthusiasm for the past, present and future of the manor. The museum aims be known for its creative and visionary approach and for its courage to follow new paths in the manorial world.

The museum will function as a social and cultural hub in the local community, as a national museum for manorial history and as an international collaborator in the manorial field.

Gammel Estrup – The Danish Manor & Estate Museum aims be a liberal work place, where employees thrive and where everyone engages with commitment in the joint project involved in running and developing a museum for everyone.


QUALITY – professionalism, cultural heritage

PASSION – involvement, dialogue

CREATIVITY – innovation