The renaissance manor

Eske Brock (1560-1625), who was also a member of Christian IV’s council of the realm, restructured and modernised the manor house. He was one of the richest men of his time in Denmark and is particularly known for his diaries. These provide a remarkable insight into the everyday life of a rich nobleman during the reign of Christian IV. Eske Brock is the first owner of Gammel Estrup of whom a portrait hangs in the manor house.

The Brock family not only owned Gammel Estrup. The manor was part of a large estate complex that included numerous other manors and estates. Eske Brock had no sons, so on his death his daughter Jytte Brock (1595-1640) and her husband Jørgen Skeel (1578-1631) inherited Gammel Estrup. Jørgen Skeel was a very powerful man, as he was a member of the council of the realm and minister of war – so powerful that he was actually able to challenge the power of King Christian IV.