The Count’s Apartments

Mid-18th century

The Count’s Apartments show his accommodation as it could have appeared in the mid-18th century. These rooms tell the story of the life and times of Crown Equerry, Count Jørgen Scheel and his second wife Charlotte Louise von Plessen.

The rooms are decorated in the rococo’s light pastel colours, elegant simplicity and asymmetrical idiom. They reflect Jørgen Scheel’s wealth and life of luxury, with expensive food and wines, sumptuous robes and wigs.

They include the magnificent dining room, which was the setting for the couple’s entertaining. Here are beautiful ivory-coloured silk tapestries, gold decorations and an exquisite parquet floor, which became fashionable in castles and manors at this time. In addition to The Dining Room, the Count’s Apartments also include the Count’s Bedchamber, where the count slept, The Small Cabinet with its desk, where the count could retire to work, and the connecting Butler’s Pantry.