A special paved path has been laid for wheelchair users from the ticket office to the manor house and the baroque garden. The broad garden paths of the baroque garden are of compacted gravel, while the courtyard is cobbled and can be difficult for wheelchair and walking-frame users to cross.

It is unfortunately not possible to alter access conditions and stairs in the manor house to allow wheelchair users and people with impaired mobility to access to the exhibitions.



The manor garden has a great playground for children.


Prams and pushchairs

Narrow doors and differences in level make it very difficult to take prams and pushchairs into the manor house. We recommend the use of carrying slings for infants. Prams and pushchairs can be left in the manor courtyard.



Dogs, on a leash, are welcome in the museum’s outdoor areas. Dogs are not permitted indoors, except for guide dogs. There are drinking bowls for dogs in the courtyard.



There are two toilets, one with baby-changing facilities, on the ground floor of the manor house with access from the courtyard. There are a further two toilets in the park behind the playground. Toilets for disabled are available in the neighbouring Green Museum.


Special circumstances

Gammel Estrup is a historic building. Thus, it does not live up to modern standards in terms of accessibility and comfort.

In some rooms there are bats. They are protected by law, and therefore the museum can not get rid of them. The bats are primarily active at night. Visitors are advised not to touch the bats.

All traffic both indoors and outdoors is at your own risk.