Support the museum

We need your help! By supporting the museum, you are helping to ensure the preservation of an important part of our cultural heritage and development of the museum so it can continue to be a vibrant cultural institution on Djursland – and in Denmark.

Your donation means:

-The museum receives extra pool funding for special purchases/initiatives.

-Legacies to Gammel Estrup are not subject to tax.

-The museum can obtain a significant VAT rebate from the Danish tax authorities.

Your support therefore helps to maintain Gammel Estrup – The Danish Manor & Estate Museum on the Danish tax authorities’ list of charitable and non-profit institutions. It is very important for the museum to be on this list. For this to remain to be the case, at least 100 individuals must each donate at least 200 DKK to the museum each year.

Donations made to Gammel Estrup are tax-deductible. When a donation is made, we need the donor’s central national register (CPR) or central business register (CVR) number, we then submit this to the tax authorities and the tax allowance is given automatically.

How to make a donation:

Bank transfer:

Transfer a sum of 200 DKK or more to Gammel Estrup’s account: registration no. 7260 and account no. 1390106. For international transactions use IBAN number: DK0572600001390106 and BIC/Swift address: DJURDK22.

For Danish citizens: Give your CPR/CVR number and mark the payment ‘Donation’. The museum will submit this information to the tax authorities and an allowance for the sum will be given automatically (up to a maximum sum of 15,200 DKK).

Thank you very much for your support!