Volunteer network

In 2006, Gammel Estrup set up a network for people with a passionate interest in manor history and the energy and resources to lend a hand with running the museum’s many activities. The network presently has around 120 members, but there is always room for more!

We are looking for friendly, welcoming people of all ages who are able, at various times of the year, to take part in the museum’s activities with commitment, knowledge and presence.

As a member of the network, we expect you to participate at least two days a year. For example, in the manor house market or the Christmas activities, as a fire guard in the museum’s rooms during events or as a member of one of the museum’s permanent groups.

The permanent groups are involved in the everyday running of the museum. The kitchen group helps with baking in the manor kitchen, the sewing group meets every Tuesday and Thursday – all year round – and sews costumes and other textiles for the museum, the garden group looks after the museum’s ornamental and kitchen gardens, the forestry group helps to maintain and present the forester’s cottage, the outdoor group does all kinds of outdoor work, and the flower group is responsible – from Easter to the autumn holiday – for floral arrangements in the museum’s many rooms and halls.

The annual subscription for the museum network is 200 DKK for individuals and 300 DKK for couples. If a couple membership is chosen, we only expect one of them to participate in the network. By paying for membership, network members contribute to publication of books and the acquisition of objects and effects for the exhibitions. In addition to participation in the network, members also receive:

– Free admission to Gammel Estrup and The Green Museum

– Invitations to participate in the museum’s receptions

– The annual publication Herregårdshistorie

– 10% reduction on all purchases over 100 DKK in the Gammel Estrup’s museumshop

We hold two annual information events, where network members are the first to hear about the museum’s coming activities and can chat to museum staff and other members over a cup of coffee.

If you would like to become a member, then please send an email to museum curator and volunteer coordinator Marie Kirstine Elkjær at me@gammelestrup.dk.