Activities 2017

1.2.: The museum opens

2.2.-21.12.: The sewing group is working (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

11.2.-19.2.: Winter Holiday activities. The manor kitchen is open

26.2.: Carneval for children

9.3.: Lecture: The Modern Manor

8.4.-22.10.: Special Exhibition: Gammel Estrup in photos: Photo art in the eastern orangery in the manor garden.

8.4.-17.4.: Easter Holiday activities. The manor kitchen is open

27.4.: National Research Day

1.5.: International Workers Day in the workers house in the forest

7.5.: National Wood’s Day

14.5.: Mothers Day: Launch of Ottilies Kogebog and Opening of Isopbevaringshuset. The manor kitchen is open.

16.5.: Hunting Day

26.6.: New exhibition: Renaissance interiors

1.6.-31.8.: The flower group is working (thursdays)

11.6.: National Trail Day

17.6.-22.10.: Special exhibition: In search of Europa

17.6.-18.6.: Gammel Estrup’s 18th Century fair

24.6.-13.8.: Summer Holiday activities. The manor kitchen is open

10.8.: Piano concert with Rosemary Tuck in the Knight’s Hall

16.8.: Concert with Randers Kammerorkester in the Knight’s Hall

10.9.: National Nature Day

September: Lectures: Outside of the manors

21.9.-23.9.: International conference: A Manorial World

13.10.: Culture by night

14.10.-22.10.: Autumn holiday activities. The manor kitchen is open

31.10.: Halloween

2.12.-23.12.: Special exhibition: Christmas upstairs and downstairs in 1918. The manor kitchen is open

2.12.-23.12.: Christmas activities for children and adults (weekends)